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Are you new to the Yahtzee board game? Here are some interesting facts you may not know about this all-time classic.

November 21, 2022

The popularity of board games has dwindled through the years, thanks to technology in general. However, some left a strong enough mark that they still have a pretty decent following. Such is the case with Yahtzee.

If you were not born in the 70s or 80s at the very latest, you might have yet to hear about Yahtzee. This board game reached its peak popularity in the mid-50s until the mid-70s, when Hasbro, the company that owned its rights, sold 50 million Yahtzee copies annually.

Before counting down the interesting facts about the Yahtzee board game, it would be best to briefly review the rules.

Yahtzee Rules and Gameplay

Yahtzee is one of those games with rules that are easier to grasp in practice than in theory. In short, don’t get overwhelmed with the rules and scoring system; play the game instead, and you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Here are the basic rules of Yahtzee:

  • Players take turns rolling five dice and scoring based on the various dice combinations thrown.
  • A scoring combination can be formed by rolling up to three times. On each throw, you have an option of storing up to four dice until you get the desired combination.
  • If you already have a combination, you may also stop rolling after the first or second roll. If you opt to do a third throw, that is the final roll, after which you must tally your score in the Score Sheet. 
  • The Score Sheet is divided into an Upper Section and Lower Section. When scoring the Upper Section, tally the sum of the die faces drawn. 
  • The Lower Section categories include 3-of-a-kind, 4-of-a-kind, Full House, Small Straight, Large Straight, Yahtzee, and Chance.
  • The game is over when all 13 columns for each player have been filled. It’s possible to score ZERO on a field. For instance, if the last unfilled category is a Yahtzee and you can’t get a combination, you have to score ZERO under “Yahtzee.” Add each player’s total points, and declare the highest scorer as the winner.

After learning a little about the rules and gameplay of Yahtzee, try to play with family and friends on your game night. For good measure, why not include the kids and teach them basic arithmetic while you’re at it?

7 Interesting Facts About Yahtzee

  1. The first mass production of the Yahtzee games was in 1956. It quickly earned the distinction as the best-selling board and dice game in history.
  2. Yahtzee is owned by Hasbro, the same company that produces all-time favorites Monopoly and Scrabble.
  3. Yahtzee is the best game for seniors and the elderly to play since it keeps the brain alert, thereby preventing age-related cognitive deterioration. The strategy and decision-making involved in the game teach patience and concentration. Lastly, it helps enrich your life and improve your health because you spend quality time with the people you love.
  4. The game is still popular today, with roughly 100 million individuals worldwide playing Yahtzee.
  5. The largest possible score in Yahtzee without bonuses is 375 points. If, for some stroke of luck, you’ll achieve multiple bonuses, the scores can exceed 1,000.
  6. The oldest Yahtzee variation is Triple Yahtzee. It was developed in 1972.
  7. There could be over 12 games related to Yahtzee. Some of these are Challenge Yahtzee, Jackpot Yahtzee, Yahtzee Texas Hold ‘Em, Yahtzee Free for All, and more.

Basic Yahtzee Strategy for Beginners

Yahtzee is a game that’s highly dependent on chance and luck, but there is also a component of skill to the gameplay. Some call it “a game of luck management.” Here are some tips to improve your strategy: Read more

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Here’s how you should play the popular Yahtzee board game of the 70s.

October 31, 2022

Most of the young-ins right now probably haven’t heard about Yahtzee. It’s a great way to get people laughing and enjoying together on a game night. Some still might not know or have heard about this game despite the fact that Yahtzee has been around for decades. Although it may not make its way to the list of the most popular board games of 2022 any time soon, we believe learning Yahtzee is worth the time.


The Original Yahtzee

The invention of Yahtzee primarily came as an accident by a young Canadian couple. It was first known as “Yacht” because the couple learned and played the game onboard a yacht with their friends.

Soon, it became their mission to spread the rules of the game to everyone they knew. After all, it was easy to get started with Yahtzee since all you need is dice and scorecards. In 1956, a game entrepreneur named Edwin S. Lowe successfully purchased the rights to the game from the couple. 

Lowe launched the game as “Yahtzee” in 1956 and enjoyed considerable success. He owned the rights to the game until 1973, and it sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. The game rights were then purchased by Milton Bradley in 1973. The sales hype continued into the 80s under the Milton Bradley banner (later named Hasbro Bradley and Hasbro, Inc). Every year, roughly around 50 million Yahtzee dice games are sold.

Yahtzee board game in comparison to horror games

People from all walks of life, age groups, and genders believe the dice game Yahtzee is one of the top activity choices for family fun. No, this is not one of those horror games that give you the most thrills, but it gives you a different excitement that you can’t find in any other best horror board games.

Yahtzee VariationsYahtzee board game

The original Yahtzee can be played using five six-sided dice and a pen and paper to tally the scores. However, there have been several game variations over the years. 

Two of the most popular are Yahtzee “Frenzy” and Yahtzee “Hands Down.” Like the original, the game consists of a number of rounds but is considerably much shorter. In this game, every turn is a free-for-all, which means every player competes for the same combinations. 

On the other hand, the “Hands Down” version is mostly played like the original, except that it uses cards instead of dice. The only difference is that players have the option to pit their hands against the others for bonus points. That’s not included in the original Yahtzee game.

How to Play the Yahtzee Board Game

Yahtzee may be confusing at first, but give it a few tries, and you’ll get the hang of it. It requires a lot of luck and a little skill, especially when deciding which scores to choose. Here is an outline of how to play Yahtzee:


The goal is to score as many points as possible by rolling five dice. Certain combinations of dice result in points, and some score bigger than others. 


Each player takes turns rolling the dice. In every turn, a player may choose to roll the dice three times. He won’t have to roll all five dice in the succeeding throws. He may decide to “keep” or put dice on the side and only roll the ones that don’t have the numbers he’s looking for. Read more

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Top 10 Card Games of 2022

September 25, 2022

There are many free online board and card games to play with your friends, but popular card games are still more engaging at a party or just waiting for the time to pass. But sometimes, choosing which card game to buy may be difficult, as hundreds of card games exist.

This is where we step in. Our card game experts had the seemingly impossible task of compiling a list of today’s most popular card games.  There are various choices- there should be something for everyone here, whether you prefer cheap picks or a complex playstyle. Since Halloween is just around the corner, we will also name at least 3 of our favorite horror-themed card games. 

most popular card games you should buy

Without further ado, here are our choices for the most popular card games you should buy, if you still don’t have them on your shelves.

1. Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the best card games ever created. It has reaped several awards because of its friendly, colorful, and addicting, in a good way. 

Players assume the role of shopkeepers in Jaipur in India. The players aim to get an invitation to the maharaja’s court. The only way to achieve this is to become the richest businessman in the country. Whatever it takes– ruthless techniques are the rule to get ahead of the pack.

Jaipur card game

There is no defined strategy for winning. You can spend money in exchange for inexpensive items. Strike yourself out. Would you rather buy expensive things for a higher payment later on? That’s fine as well; you have space to explore and many ways to do it.

Be mindful of your enemy. Trading earns you chips from your limited stack, which are worth points. Unfortunately, the number of points decreases as you move down the pile. That suggests your efforts may be for nothing if your competitor beats you to the punch. 

2. Tichu

Tichu is easy to learn if you’ve played Rook, Euchre, or other similar card games. The cards are standard (2 Aces), including four unique cards: dog, dragon, mahjong, and phoenix. Aside from these cards, what makes Tichu special is its combination of card play.  Aside from single cards, you can also play entire houses, straights, and other combos.

Tichu card game

Tichu has basic principles, but a few clever twists on standard trick-taking rules elevate this fantastic card game as a very engaging classic-style card game still popular these days.

3. Arham Horror (Third Edition)

Buying the best horror card game is unusual, but if you’re into it, Arham Horror is right for you. One or two detectives must work together in this game to solve esoteric riddles and conspiracies. In contrast, the Ancient Ones strive to penetrate our planet.

The decisions you make not only impact the outcome of the situation but also have far-reaching consequences. They can persist throughout the game, requiring players to confront and conquer their inner demons.

Arham Horror card game

The players, or ‘investigators,’ roam the renowned Arkham City.  During their stay, they collect spells, weapons, clues, and other objects to assist them on their journey. They begin by avoiding powerful creatures before going on to enter a few gates and lock the open gates, which is the game’s goal.

Once the gates have been blocked and the investigators have gathered the necessary resources, they launch the last attack on Mythos to close the most guarded  portals. If they are successful, the world will be saved. If they fail, the Ancient One will rise for the last battle, and you will have to fight for your life!

4. Mansions of Madness

Mansions of Madness transports you to Arkham, Massachusetts, and reveals a horrible mystery. Playing it is like enjoying fantastic horror movie video games.

In the darkness, spectral presences linger. In schools and temples, horrors lurk.  Something is wrong with this village. Those who are clever are just consumed; those who are unlucky are left as shattered, mad remnants of their former selves. Mansion of Madness is not easy to play, but it’s highly engrossing and spectacular!

Mansions of Madness has a one-of-a-kind map that guides players through a pre-determined scenario, with various alternative storyline options and conclusions. It is played in rounds, with two stages every round: Investigator and Mythos. These are played on a loop till the players win or lose.

The scenario chosen while setting up the game will tell the Investigators what they need to complete to win. What’s the catch? The players are unaware of this goal. It is up to you to solve the riddle and discover the final aim as the game advances. This answer may be obtained by attentively listening to the scenario’s prologue and meticulously scrutinizing hints as they are uncovered.

The goal will be disclosed later in the game, and the players will have one more assignment to do. If they take too long, the game’s goal may alter or become overly complex, making success unlikely. Finally, investigators must collaborate as a team to guarantee that their operations are efficient and that they can fulfill the mission before time runs out.

5. Sushi Go!

Sushi Go is a mathematician’s fantasy. It’s a draft-based scoring card game in which you take turns selecting a card from your hand and passing it to the left. Whether you opt for high-risk, high-reward cards like Sashimi, which takes three of a kind to get 10 points. You can also get fewer cards depending on the hand and the players surrounding you.

Each game has three rounds, each lasting approximately five minutes or less. This makes the game easy to play a few times a night. Sushi Go! is also affordable. If you’re just getting started with card games, this is a fantastic one to start with.

Read more

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These Horror Card Games Will Surely Make Your Halloween Night Very Interesting

September 12, 2022

Card games were invented so that people could pass the time and have fun while doing so. Horror card games, on the other hand, add a different level of excitement. Some are weird and eerie, while others are downright disturbing. For those who enjoy all things scary, this is a roundup of the best horror card games you can play to make your Halloween Party 2022 spooktacular!

But before diving head-first into creepy lake, let’s learn more about the horror card game genre.

Horror Card Games

Types of Horror Card Games

A horror card game is unusual, not just because of its theme, but the designers must be insanely creative to pull this off. They had to find a way to immerse the players into the darkness and keep them there. To achieve this, they spin a horror story based on these game types:

  • Cooperative. Cooperative card games are those in which players collaborate rather than compete to achieve a common goal. Either the players win the game by completing a predetermined goal, or all players lose the game, usually by failing to achieve the goal before a particular condition ends the game. Cooperative games help reduce aggression while also teaching solidarity and teamwork. It also encourages players to be more upbeat, which is very difficult in a horror card game.
  • One Versus All. The “one versus all” game type is pretty self-explanatory. It matches one player against two or more opponents. It is also known as “one against all” or “one against the rest.” This results in a combination of competitive and cooperative play and gets really interesting as the game progresses.
  • Turn-Based. A turn-based game is a strategy game in which players take turns rather than playing simultaneously. Turn-based games allow players to tailor the learning curve to their specific needs by removing the time constraint.
  • Storytelling. A storytelling game is one in which multiple players work together to tell a spontaneous story. Typically, each player is responsible for one or more characters in the development of the plot. It aims to captivate players with a narrative, and nothing is more captivating than a horror story. 


Best Horror Card Games

  • Inscryption

Inscryption is a game from Daniel Mullins Games, the development company behind the cult indie hit Pony Island, that combines several genres into one game. It’s a card game in which players build a deck of woodland creatures, each with their own set of abilities, attack power, and health total. 

The core gameplay of Inscryption isn’t difficult to grasp. Players are randomly assigned to a board and given a deck of cards. Their opponent is a mystical figure who behaves like a dungeon master, influencing the entire adventure. The whole game involves building decks, boosting stats, grabbing essential items, and battling the eerie, shadowy figure. The game throws everything at you that you can say it expects you to lose!

Inscryption Horror Card Games

Gaming enthusiasts describe Inscryption as a “creepshow” and “all-consuming.” When you start playing, simply block out a chunk of your calendar and bid farewell to all your commitments. Even when you stop playing, it creeps into your mind like a tarantula, thinking of how to build a strong deck. 

  • Arkham Horror: The Card Game

You’d be hard-pressed to find horror card game lists without Arkham Horror, and for a good reason. Most horror themes, card games, and other horror video games almost always feature Lovecraftian horror, and Arkham horror is no different. 

In the game, you and your friends take on the roles of characters in the sleepy New England town of Arkham. You have your strengths, but you also have flaws, and you have to work your way around them. You will encounter haunted houses, a ghoulish cult, and other monsters, and the goal is to work together to solve mysteries and overcome challenges.

In a nutshell, finish the story, and you’ll win the game. You die or go insane, and you lose.

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