The 2016 Eerie Horror Film Festival and Screenplay Competition has officially opened its call for entries and is currently seeking submissions from all over the world!


Clicking the image will take you to the Withoutabox site.


Submission categories include Horror Feature, Horror Short, Science Fiction Feature, Science Fiction Short, Suspense Feature, Suspense Short, Student(10 – 17 yrs of age) Horror Feature; Student (10 – 17 yrs of age) Horror Short; Short Length Screenplay; Feature Length Screenplay; Student (10 – 17 yrs of age) Feature Length Screenplay; Student (10 – 17 yrs of age) Short Length Screenplay.

Overlooked, underrated, and misunderstood, independent horror and science fiction movies have been virtually ignored and shunned by the mainstream film industry since it began more than a century ago.

Through the decades, these films have entertained and thrilled audiences around the world and continue to grow in popularity to this very day, slowly but surely gaining the appreciation and respect that they deserve.

There is an incredible amount of talent in this field that goes unnoticed and unappreciated, and The Eerie Horror Film Festival hopes to to reverse that trend.

Click HERE to Submit your film or script for the 2016 Eerie Horror Film Festival!

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