Jared Show, Brenna Lee Roth, and Scott Silverster

Bigfoot has come to the town of Ellwood City, PA and is causing BIG problems. Now it’s up to four town locals, Chuck, Dale, Burl, and Kate to take him down.  Bigfoot the Movie will be showing on Saturday at 7:00 pm.  Bigfoot The Movie is not a documentary or like Harry and the Hendersons. If you like the movie Tremors then you’re gonna love this! In this comedy/horror flick mullets, guns and beer are in full supply as the movie skewers the Pittsburgh ‘Yinzer’ stereotype right alongside the Bigfoot myth. The movie features Pittsburgh’s most famous and best loved celebrities like Curt Wootton (Pittsburgh Dad), Joanie Dodds (America’s Next Top Model), Bill Crawford (WDVE) Jim Krenn (stand-up comic, formerly of the WDVE morning show), Aaron Klieber (stand-up comic), Terry Jones (stand-up comic), Brenna Lee Roth (Killer Biker Chicks)

Promoting the film, we are lucky enough to have director/co-writer Jared Show and actors Brenna Lee Roth and Scott Silverster on hand.


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