Len Barnhart

Author, Len Barnhart to appear as a special guest at the 2015 Eerie Horror Film Festival, October 16 – 18 at the Warner Theater in Erie,Pa!

George Romero’s apocalyptic movie, “Night of the Living Dead,” about a plague of flesh eating zombies inspired several sequels and about a million nightmares, but it wasn’t until 2001 when Reign of the Dead, by Len Barnhart was first published that the cannibal corpses truly found their way into literature.

Since then, the genre has spawned hundreds of novels, several remakes of Romero’s movies and a popular television show, not to mention comics, video games and action figures. But in literature, Reign of the Dead paved the way.

The Reign of the Dead series takes us back to the original vision created by Romero of slow-moving hordes taking over the world and sending mankind to the brink of extinction.

When complete, the series will feature four novels; Reign of the Dead, Apocalypse End, Outbreak, (all available), and soon to be released, Tribulation. Novels are available in English and Spanish.

Len is currently working on the finishing touches to “Reign of the Dead: Tribulation and his fifth novel titled: “The Eighth Day,” a book he is writing with T.C. Brady.

“The Eighth Day”, is the telling of the end of life as we know it, and of a group of every-day people seeking answers to what is happening as the world falls apart around them.

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